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Missing Items and Orders

Please allow assigned processing and delivery times before contacting us to report a missing package/order or request tracking information.

The assigned delivery times are just a guide, please note we cannot record a parcel as lost until 30 business days after posting. If an order/package is missing or delayed in posting, you should wait 30 business days for delivery, after this the order can be resent/refunded and make a claim with  Correos.

We cannot resend/refund BEFORE the 30 business days have passed.

We must be notified of any missing order within 1 month of order shipment. We cannot guarantee tracking information will be available after this time, and we will not be responsible for missing orders that are NOT reported within 1 month of shipment.

For any order with missing or incorrect elements, use the contact form, quoting your order number, to inform us of errors and to correct them.

In the case of damaged packaging/missing items, please contact us as soon as the order is received, including pictures of the damage and full information of missing items.

If you have received a refund, please check your refund notice or your paper invoice sent with your order, as this will be the reason.