Crystal Double Stamper - Double Ended with Bling
Crystal Double Stamper - Double Ended with Bling
Clear Jelly Stamper

Crystal Double Stamper - Double Ended with Bling

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CjS continues our tradition of creating innovative, superior quality clear stampers. Our easy-to-use clear stampers give you an unmatched field of view so that you may freely see where you are placing your images. The clear handle allows ample light to reach your nail making placement easy-peasy!

❤️ NO MORE GUESSWORK - Our stampers allows you to see where you stamp so you can accurately place nail art images on your fingernail.

❤️ CAN’T DRAW OR PAINT - no problem! With the Clear Jelly Stamper system, you can be creative without an art degree!

❤️ NEED A FUN NEW HOBBY? - Nail art stamping can give you a fun and rewarding hobby. Hobbies can make you feel good and can relieve stress.

❤️ CONFIDENCE BOOSTER - displaying your beautiful fingernails can be a real boost to your confidence, and your friends will be very impressed with your creative skills.

❤️ GREAT WAY TO SPEND TIME - Nail art stamping is an excellent pastime to share with friends and family, but don’t forget the children in your life, they love playing with nail art. Even elderly people can also benefit from having fun nails to brighten their day.

Our stampers are all about seeing where you stamp. #seewhereyoustamp. By seeing where you stamp, makes it easier to line-up nail art images on the fingernail. The Crystal Double Stamper is a stamper with two different sizes of jelly stamper heads. Depending on the size of the image you want to lift, you now have options. This stamper comes with protective caps and is a coupling that is adorned with crystal bling. The end caps protect your stamping head and act as a handy way to hold your stamper upright on your table.

What you Get

  • 1 Stamper
  • 2 Protective End Caps
  • 1 Blinged-out Stamper Coupling
  • 2 different sizes of Jelly Stamping Heads
    • Jelly One - 2.3 cm

    • Jelly Two - 2.9 cm

  • Credit Card Style Scraper

*For best results, use CjS stamping polish.

*Extra jelly heads are available to purchase, check out our "replacement" category.

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