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ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
ProRange Nail Art Brush Set
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ProRange Nail Art Brush Set

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Our nail art brushes have been designed with high quality, soft and flexible vegan bristles made with synthetic fibres. Combined with a sleek, slim aesthetic, our professional brushes have been designed to be durable and easy to work with. Complete with a matte finish, all brushes are easy to clean, and come with a cap to protect and prevent damage to the bristles. 

Pro-Range Brush set will consist of 5 Professional brushes

01 Angled Brush
Our small, angled brush is great for perfecting your manicures, creating one stroke nail art designs and cleaning up around the cuticle

01 Round Brush
From UV gel polish to gel enhancements, this flat brush comes with a rounded tip - which works well for a smooth nail bed application. It is also a must have for perfecting that French manicure smile line

01 Ombre Brush
This multi level bristle brush can be used to create ombre designs with ease. This brush will do all the blending and shading work for you, resulting in a flawless, smooth, ombre nail design

01 Stripe Liner Brush
Our 12mm stripe liner brush helps create super straight lines and is perfect for nail art. With ultra fine, long bristles, this brush is a go to tool to use for detailed nail art stripes and designs

01 Detail Brush
Our 5mm detail brush is the finest brush in our collection. With super short compact bristles to help with precise detailing - this brush is perfect to use for creating intricate nail art designs, fine patterns and nail drawings

Key Features:

  • Professional Nail Art Brushes 
  • Vegan Bristles made with synthetic fibres 
  • All brushes come with cap to protect the bristles and prevent damage 
  • Slim, sleek aesthetics with matte black finish  

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