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Rubber Base & Top Coat 15ml
KiKi London

Rubber Base & Top Coat 15ml

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Rubber No-Wipe Top Coat and Rubber Base Coat 15ml

New generation development of the Professional Rubber Top + Base Coat by Kiki London, has a unique composition that provides toughness, elasticity and maximum wear resistance when used together.

  • Recommended for weaker nails 
  • Provides extra strong high shine finish
  • Rubber Top Coat - no-wipe formula with extra thick consistency than usual top coasts to provide extra strength and durability
  • Rubber Base Coat - Extra thick consistency than usual base coats to provide extra strength to brittle, thin or splitting nails

3 Step Gel System requires a base coat, colour coat and a top coat. 
Base coat is required for the crucial foundation for the colour curing process and top coat is required for the final layer to seal a durable finish

Exclusive features:

  • Advanced rubber formula designed using new product development technology to maximum quality
  • Minimum 14-21 day long-lasting wear
  • Fast curing time with both LED and UV lamps
  • Easy application and soak of removal
  • No chips & scratch resistant
  • Recommended with Kiki London Gel Colour Coats


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