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Yellow Caution (YE04)
Yellow Caution (YE04)
Yellow Caution (YE04)
Yellow Caution (YE04)
KiKi London

Yellow Caution (YE04)

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Yellow Caution YE04

Part of the Neon Vibes Collection

Brighten up any day with your good vibes only, UV glow neon yellow

Coverage recommendation: 2 coats on top of a white base

Kiki London colour gel polishes are created to step up your manicure with a highly pigmented, long lasting colour, with an easy application ability and just as easy soak off removal.

This is a 3 step gel system which requires a base coat, colour coat and a top coat.

Exclusive features:

  • High pigmentation and shine, with a super-glossy finish
  • Advanced formula designed using new product development technology to maximum quality
  • Minimum 14-21 day long-lasting wear
  • Fast curing time with both LED and UV lamps
  • Easy application and soak of removal
  • No chips & scratch resistant
  • Recommended with Kiki London Top & Base coats

    Colour representation:

    Our product images are developed to represent the colour as accurately as possible. Please note the colour representation may differ slightly from digital images due to difference in device settings and resolution.

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